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Information - Partnership cooperation and activities

The cooperation of both voluntary associations has been long-term, as the foundations of the cooperation between the project’s partners were laid in 2012, when both associations concluded their Partnership Contract in October 2012.

The July visit of the Czech delegation from the Tanvald Railway Association to Bergen in Norway, including the promotion of the Czech Republic, the project and the partnership under the name of “Deepening the Partnership – Czech Days in Bergen”, was an associated partnership initiative which was supported by the Fund for Bilateral Cooperation between the Czech Republic and Norway.

The experience and knowledge of the Norwegian partner were transferred and projected into Czech conditions during all of the partnership activities in the “rack-and-pinion railway – the unique living cultural heritage of the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains” project. The Czech partner received valuable information on how the combination of museum railways and railway stations is used as museum exhibits in Norway. It also learnt from the Norwegian partner about operating a railway museum. The partners jointly prepared the Tanvald Railway Association’s Marketing Strategy for Communication with Visitors to the Museum and the Region. The Czech partner is endeavouring to implant this strategy in the regional development concepts. Work was also undertaken on the basic information for the Czech-Norwegian fliers, on the concept for the final exhibition and on the closing conference within the framework of the meeting.

The partnership activities within the framework of the realisation of the project commenced with the February visit of 3 representatives of Norsk Jernbaneklubb Museet Gamble Vossebanen to Tanvald on 25.2. – 28.2.2016. The form which exhibitions of museum collections may take were discussed and exhibits (for example, supplementary historical tools) and furniture were collected. The intention behind the creation of the exhibition of the collection was to make it as accessible to the visitors as possible and to make it lively, attractive and original to the maximum possible extent. The exhibition should also have added value based on the enthusiasm of the volunteers who renovate the historical rolling stock. Additional accompanying promotional and marketing events have also been planned.

The preparation of a further partnership meeting of 3 Czech members of the project realisation team in Bergen on 13. – 16.5.2016 (Ing. Petr Prokeš, Dr. Lukáš Pleticha and Mgr. Jiří Střecha) was also an important point of this meeting. The Czech members of the realisation committee met with the following Norwegian members: Ivar Johan Gubberud, Harald Tesdal, Egil Hop, Oystein Nordaas and Kaj Stokstad.

The task of the partnership cooperation within the framework of the realisation team was to jointly create:
• the plan for the targeted use of the buildings on the heritage-protected rack-and-pinion line
• a Czech – Norwegian – English promotional flier
• a vision for the display of historical rolling stock in a living museum
• a promotional exhibition on the realisation of the project
• a plan for a joint international conference upon the occasion of the commencement of operations in the Locomotive Shed
• the concept for the official opening of the reconstructed locomotive shed
• the marketing strategy and communication with visitors

The last visit of the Norwegian partner to the Czech Republic took place upon the occasion of the completion of the construction work and its handover for use and the realisation of the exhibition and the closing conference in June 2016. These closing activities were attended by Mr Ivar Johan Gubberud and his wife.

The details on the meeting are stated in the appended partnership activity reports, including photographs.

In conclusion, it is necessary to state that the project adhered to the designated schedule and achieved all of the required outputs and indicators. At the same time, it did not experience any critical points and any risks were eliminated in advance thanks to the good mutual communication between all of the participants.

The project was able to be realised thanks to the good communication within the project realisation team, the timely performance of all the procedures and tasks and the excellent cooperation with the Norwegian partner.

It was also possible thanks to the tireless efforts of the volunteers who ensured that the implementer was able to economically bear the financing of the project using its own funds.

The project was also successful thanks to the trust of the Česká spořitelna savings bank which provided the non-profit organisation with bridging finance.

Meeting of project partners 02-2016 (PDF, 269 kB)
Invitation to a meeting 05-2016 (PDF, 276 kB)
Program of the meeting 05-2016 (PDF, 290 kB)

Partnership meeting in Tanvald on 25.2. – 28.2.2016

Partnership meeting in Bergen on 13. – 16.5.2016

Promotional exhibition on the reconstruction of the Locomotive Shed

Historical Transport in the Liberec Region/the renewal of the Kořenov Locomotive Shed

The official opening of the reconstructed Locomotive Shed

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